A clear customs light


At the request of the port community, Certified Pick up now includes a customs clearance light. This ensures, using different statuses, that the user gets a better view of the customs status of the container.


Over the past year, tremendous efforts have been made to integrate a working customs light into the platform. Customs was convinced to expand the original scope of the CCRM project. CCRM, or Customs Container Release Management, makes the control of imports and exports within the EU more efficient and secure. NxtPort developed the additional logic to integrate that information into a unified customs light in Certified Pick up.

A clear customs light informs users about the customs status of the container.

Different statuses

The customs light appears in the release right and provides additional transparency using different statuses.  


The container has been cleared. A complete follow-up declaration has been submitted. The container may leave the terminal. 


With an orange light, different statuses are possible:  
You can collect the container but here there is a follow-up action pending

  • The container must present itself for scanning
  • The container falls under FASFC regulation
  • The container arrives at the terminal via port equalization
  • The container arrives at the terminal and is destined for transshipment


If the container is under documentary control, or has been partially or not cleared, the light is given a red status. You cannot then collect the container.


At a later stage, terminals will only release containers that are customs cleared to leave the terminal. That is, the customs light is on green or orange.

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