In this news section, you will find all updates on the implementation of Certified Pick up in the container release process.

Announcement for truck drivers

From 15 January at 6:00 a.m., the import process of containers will happen for some shipping companies via Certified Pick up and you can no longer pick up containers with a PIN code. Are you unable to collect your container? Read here what you need to do.

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From January 15, picking up a container will happen entirely via Certified Pick up.

Full implementation of Certified Pick up by all shipping lines on 19 February


Since January 15, we have rolled out Certified Pick up in phases at all deepsea terminals in Antwerp. On February 19, we will enter the final phase and the remaining shipping lines will join.

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Certified Pick up will be fully implemented by 19 februari 2024.

New terminal / agent combinations launch on 5 February


In this article you will find an overview of the ship agents and terminals that will switch to Certified Pick up from Monday 5 February.

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Second phase of Certified Pick up roll-out


As of that day, 60% of the daily container volumes were picked up successfully via the new digital platform. After consulting the port community, we decided to continue to rollout CPu gradually, as of Monday 22 January. 

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De uitrol van Certified Pick up is een belangrijke stap in de digitalisering van het containertransport.

First phase of Certified Pick: A major step


As of today, 60% of the containers collected daily at the deep-sea terminals in the Antwerp port use Certified Pick up. This launch marks a major milestone in the digital transformation of container handling and transport. 

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Certified Pick up for truck drivers

Phased rollout Certified Pick up


After consultation with terminals, ship agents, transport companies and other stakeholders, it was jointly decided to move to a phased roll-out of Certified Pick up.

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Om gebruik te maken van Certified Pickup heb je als transportoperator een Cinvio-account nodig.

Cinvio registration

In order to be able to use Certified Pick up as a transport operator, you need a Cinvio account. That is the payment system linked to your C-Point account.

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To facilitate the rollout of Certified Pick up, we organize training for release parties and transport operators.

Training sessions for Certified Pick up

To ensure that the start-up of Certified Pick up runs as smoothly as possible, Port of Antwerp-Bruges, the port community and NxtPort organize training sessions.

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Certified pick up will go live in January 2024.

Mandatory container pick up based on identity

From January 15, 2024, the entire import process for containers will take place via Certified Pick up. Read here how to join the platform.

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On the new website of Certified Pick up, you will find all the information about the platform.

New website

Starting from today, you can visit The website, which is completely self-contained, bundles all information about the platform.

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A clear customs light informs users about the customs status of the container.

A clear customs light

At the request of customs, Certified Pick up now also includes a customs release light. In this article you can read how this works.

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Standardisation of the importing process of containers is needed to achieve an optimum digital process.

Uniform operating procedure

In order to digitize the import process, we have mapped out the various import processes and established a uniform working method.

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Wo is on board?


Currently approximately 2,000 companies are registered on Certified Pick up.

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Certified Pick up ensures that you can pick up containers from the terminals at the Antwerp port platform based on identity instead of using PIN codes.

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Certified Pick up ensures that you can pick up containers from the terminals at the Antwerp port platform based on identity instead of using PIN codes.

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