Full implementation of Certified Pick up by all shipping lines on February 19


Since January 15, we have rolled out Certified Pick up in phases at all deepsea terminals in Antwerp. On February 19, we will enter the final phase and the remaining shipping lines will join. 


This means that all shipping lines will enable the pick up by the transport operator via Certified Pick up and that the use of pin codes on the deepsea terminals is fading out fully.  


Since the launch in January, almost 30.000 containers were successfully picked up via CPu, making an average of 2500 containers per day. This volume represents around 96 % of the total import container volume on the deepsea terminals.  


Today, 3650 companies have registered on the platform totalling almost 18.000 individual users.  


In order to familiarize with the platform, please consult the tutorials on the website. You can find instruction movies depending your role in the supply chain:  


Please find more details in the below table. 

Infographic of the phased implementation of Certified Pick up.

The terminals behind the locks will follow in the coming weeks and months. Keep an eye on our news section to stay updated.


The below matrix gives a more detailed overview per transport mode.  

Infographic of Phase 5 of Certified Pick up

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