Certified Pick up for terminals behind the locks


The Antwerp container terminals in front of the locks have been using Certified Pick up for several months. On 17 May 2024, PIN codes will also disappear for picking up a container in Antwerp behind the locks. From then on, you can only pick up a container via the Certified Pick up in the entire port area.

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A container ship navigates through the Van Cauwelaert Lock in Antwerp.

Which terminals?

  • ACOT 
  • ATO 
  • BNFW 
  • Zuidnatie 
  • AET 
  • Euroports 
  • Katoen Natie 
  • Nova Natie 


Each terminal communicates itself when they will switch, but 17 May is the ultimate deadline.

The following container terminals will make the switch to Certified Pick up as of 17 May: ACOT, ATO, BNFW, Zuidnatie, AET, Euroports, Katoen Natie and Nova Natie.

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In deze Flowscast spreken Kurt Van Loon en Michiel Vermeiren over Certified Pick up.

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