Training sessions for the use of Certified Pick up


Port of Antwerp-Bruges, the port community and NxtPort have agreed that by January 15, 2024, the entire import container process will be done in Certified Pick up. This means that all parties involved will have to work in the platform by then and the transport operator will no longer be able to pick up a container using a PIN code but only based on his identity. 

For this to go smoothly, it is best to prepare well and familiarize yourself with the platform. On this website you will find instructional videos and manuals according to your role in the process: shipping agent, terminal operator, release party and transport operator


In addition, as a release party or transport operator you can also attend a training course. In these video's you will get more explanation about the platform and a demo.

Watch the training videos
To facilitate the rollout of Certified Pick up, we organize training for release parties and transport operators.

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